Why Protecting An Employee’s Apple Mobile Device Matters So Much

Iphone management

Since the iPhone was launched in 2007, Apple has sold an estimated 85 million of these devices. That means a lot of iPhone enterprise management needs are necessary, particularly for companies that allow these devices for employees at work. What an iphone management protocol can do for an Apple mobile device is quite impressive, considering that there are not that many iPhone security measures inherently enabled on the typical Apple mobile device.

About 55 percent of devices that will be in use by employees by 2015 will be owned by those employees, according to estimates. For better or worse, it is up to these employees’ bosses to implement stronger iPhone and iPad management protocols. In completing this necessary task, employers are better off and so are they employees they have hired to get their work done.

With regard to these policies, which are referred to as BYOD (or bring your own device), solutions for the typical Apple mobile device are becoming much simpler to use, mostly because they are scalable and delivered via cloud software. Utilizing these protocols helps allow for greater productivity as well, on top of less paperwork required to get work done, billing and keeping of records that are more accurate, more visibility, and a more streamlined process. Thus, these iPhone and ipad security measures are absolutely vital for employers to purchase and implement and for employees to utilize, since mobile traffic around the world today accounts for approximately 10 percent of all traffic on the Internet.

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