Why Your Company Needs Quality Android Management Tools

Android in the enterprise

Mobile device management is important to ensure that your company information is secure when you adopt a BYOD policy. Almost half of businesses that allow for a BYOD policy have had some type of security breach because of this policy. With quality Android device management you can safely use Android in the enterprise and have a quality Android security model.

Look for Android management that can be easily integrated into your current system if you use BYOD policies for your company. Employees that work under a BYOD system will be more productive, visible, and enjoy a more streamlined workflow. Android management is also important because of the way that most people use these devices. 70 percent of those that use smartphones like Androids commonly check their emails outside of regular work hours.

Android management is also important for those that use tablets. 57 percent of tablet owners report that they use a tablet for work and personal activity. You should make sure that you look for the style of management software that allows your company to get the most out of their mobile technology. Great management tools will not only allow your company to more efficiently use this technology, it will help you keep valuable company data safe. Take the time to install appropriate management tools at your workplace and you will be able to keep your devices running properly so that your employees can use them successfully and protect all of the information that your organization stores on its technology.
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