How Exchange ActiveSync Frees Employees from the Office

Activesync security policies

Are you a business manager or IT professional? Are you searching for ways to make your workforce more productive? You may want to see how you can build a bring your own device business model, or BYOD. At least half of the U.S. phone using public has a smart phone, and these devices are ubiquitous. In fact, due to changing technology policies, about 55 percent of smart phones in business are employee owned. While there are many solutions to creating BYOD models, one of the most important is Exchange ActiveSync.

Exchange ActiveSync is a crucial mobile device management, or MDM, tool. Developed by Microsoft, Exchange ActiveSyncwas initially an add on to Microsoft Outlook, a popular email delivery and management system. In the beginning, Exchange ActiveSync simply let you view Outlook on your smartphone, such as a Blackberry. Now, Exchange ActiveSync lets employees work on enterprise resource systems from anywhere.

The best part about Exchange ActiveSync, particularly Activesync android, is that it frees employees from the offcie. Employees can work on projects no matter where they are, whether it be at home, on a train, at the airport, or a whole host of other places. In fact, employees can work on corporate enterprise systems from anywhere that has an Internet ready device.

Of course, there are security risks that come with Exchange ActiveSync use. The most obvious risk comes from a lost or stolen device. These devices can give a perpetrator access to your systems. Of course, 25 percent of companies do not have any management systems in place, but Exchange ActiveSync can eliminate risks. Exchange Activesync security policies erase data when a device is lost or stolen, and sever links to any enterprise systems.

If you run an IT system, you owe it to yourself to make things more productive. See what Exchange ActiveSync can do for you. No doubt, it can liberate employees from the office.

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