Why Would You Want to Use Windows Firewall Exceptions?

Windows firewall exceptions

Did you know, according to the FBI, there were over 280,000 reported cases of cyber-crime in 2012? The fact is that in this age of increased web connectivity you have to turn on Windows firewall and keep a powerful anti-virus solution running on your system at all times. However, what if you are part of the 67% of American households, according to the ESRB who are hardcore gamers?

The fact is that firewalls are important for making sure bad guys do not get in. Are you aware that your firewall can actually stop you from gaming? Using a program like Zonealarm firewall can grant you the freedom to set up Windows firewall exceptions so you can continue to game while protecting yourself. Here are three popular PC games that require you to do just that to get the best out of them.

  • World of Warcraft
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    World of Warcraft launched the online gaming community into a new stratosphere when it was released in 2004. Since that time the game has seen over 10 million players come into the world of Azeroth to save its denizens or enslave them. If you want to be the best troll mage you can be while maintaining computer safety, you should download Zonealarm free to open up the necessary Windows firewall exceptions. According to Battle.net, WoW requires a plethora of ports including UDP/TCP 3724 and 1119 to be opened. Check the website for a full list of ports you need to configure in your Windows firewall exceptions for the best gaming experience.

  • The Old Republic
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    The Old Republic allows Star Wars fans to hop into the universe and fight as the noble Galactic Alliance or the evil Sith Empire. Whichever side you fight for, you will need to open up ports 8995, 12000-12999, and 20000-30000, according to Bioware, if you want to start fighting across the galaxy. The best way to do that? Find the best free firewall CNET has to offer, Zonealarm firewall, and put it to use in setting up your Windows firewall exceptions.

  • Black Ops II
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    According to Kotaku, there were over 800,000 people playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II as of November 2012 on the XBOX 360 alone. The game continues to be extremely popular for fans of first-person-shooters and military buffs. If you want to defend your country online and join in on the fun, you will need to configure your Windows firewall exceptions by opening ports 36081, 3074, and others, according to the Examiner. For a full list of ports, visit Treyarch’s webpage.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you understand the important of using a reputable firewall and virus protection solution like Zonealarm. By doing so, you stand to get the best performance in game so you can own all the noobs! What are you waiting for?

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