Three Reasons 70% of UK Businesses Are Using Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

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Globally, it’s estimated that 288 million people were using hosted VoIP phone systems by the end of 2013. Among business users, particularly in the United Kingdom, hosted VoIP services proved to be especially popular, with seven out of every 10 businesses estimated to have upgraded to VoIP by the end of the year. In short, VoIP is increasingly seen as an essential technology for a successful business.

Of course, you shouldn’t do anything just because other businesses are doing it. Here are three reasons you really should start using a hosted VoIP phone system, regardless of what others are doing.

Why More Businesses Should Be Using Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

  1. Hosted VoIP Phones Systems Start at a Really Low Price
  2. For, a popular technology website, one of the greatest advantages of making the switch to a VoIP system is the price. As the source writes, the typical hosted VoIP phone system starts at just south of £12 per month. You’d be hard pressed to find a traditional telephony service offering that low of a charge.

  3. Hosted VoIP Solutions Offer Unrivaled Flexibility
  4. Have you ever moved your business’s offices to a new location? If you have, you no doubt realize what a pain in the neck it can be to disconnect your phone service, only to have a new one connected at your new office. You further are likely aware how troublesome it can be trying to get your new phone number to your customers. As The Houston Chronicle writes, you never have to worry about either with VoIP. Your system and your number go anywhere you do.

  5. You Only Pay for What You Use
  6. Using a traditional landline system often means having to pay for a whole list of extra features that you don’t even need, just to get access to the one you do. As points out, VoIP providers allow you to pick and choose which functionality is activated in your service, allowing you to control costs, while simultaneously gaining whatever your business needs to succeed.

What sort of advantages has your business enjoyed since switching to a hosted VoIP phone system? Let us know in the comment section below! Reference links:

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