Website Development Tips in Five Steps

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According to research conducted by ContentPLUS,online blogs are 63% more likely to influence a consumer’s purchase decisions than magazines, while companies who blog at least 15 times a month receive around five times more web traffic to their site than those who don’t. So, if you have a product, service, or ideas worth telling the world about, there’s no better way than to create a website and share it with the masses.

Below are a few website development tips you should use in order to get noticed — and it all starts from the beginning.

Domain Name: The first step to creating your own website is to get a domain name, this is the name of your website. Be warned, you will need to pay some money every year for this domain name (the words that go between the “www.” and the “.com.” This article regarding website development tips will not touch on how to choose a good domain name, but don’t hesitate to look online for some advice or examples regarding that matter. Once you’ve chosen a suitable name, you will need to get it registered.

Web Hosting: A web host company is one who operates a database system, which is when many computers are managed in a network and are connected to the internet. Everyone from public relations agencies to small web design companies and other businesses use web hosts in order to have their site accessible to anyone in the world. Depending on what types of services you want, this should determine what web host to hire. You will also need to pay them a (usually) small annual fee.

Design: Here is where graphic design agencies may be useful; they are the experts in knowing what is eye-catching to an internet user. They will also research other company’s websites that are in the same industry as you to determine the gist of what to include. There are plenty of website designing tips out there on the web, but note that whatever you decide style wise doesn’t need to be permanent. Keep changing the appearance to fit the times, and stick with the website development tips instead.

Testing: Whenever you are in the process of building and/or remodeling your website, always be sure to test if the thing works! Many who go headfirst into the development process forget to check if the site is compatible with major browsers, if the coding (if you chose to code) is error-free, and if the formatting works for mobile devices.

Get Noticed: You may be wondering “how do I advertise my website once its completed?” Promotion marketing is key, especially through social media. Around 54% of small businesses admit they could use a bit of help in improving their social media marketing skills. Also send out Press Releases to promote a service or product you have to offer. Anything you can think of to promote — go ahead!

Though this was a general outline of how to create a website, be sure to do some in dept research to understand the details of the process.
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