Technology And Communication In the Modern Age

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Technological advances have completely changed every aspect of the way people live their lives in the modern world, especially the way we communicate and do business. Communication in today’s modern era is nearly instantaneous, connecting people from across the globe in mere seconds. Thanks to the Internet and fast Ethernet networks, people and businesses can now communicate faster and easier than ever before via voice over IP services.

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol is a methodology and group of specific technologies designed for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet. A reliable Internet connection, such as a fast Ethernet network, allows for a smooth and uninterrupted sessions. VoIP is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, especially in the UK, where homes and businesses are seeking more efficient and effective means of communication. According to a recent study, from 2009 through 2014, the VoIP industry grew by an estimated 12.9% annually. Additionally, it’s estimated that global VoIP users will reach a whopping one billion by 2017. The majority of VoIP programs can be accessed anywhere an individual has the ability to connect to the Internet, via a fast Ethernet network or a strong wireless signal. This makes VoIP extremely versatile and accessible. However, VoIP programs are not only popular among friends and family wanting to stay connected, VoIP for business has also gained popularity. VoIP programs allow professionals to telecommute to work, while continuing to make phone calls from their company line. This allows for greater flexibility. As such, many companies are now implementing VoIP phone systems for business, in addition to implementing fast Ethernet networks and/or fast wireless networks.

Statistics show that Europe owns an estimated 33% of the global VoIP market, with the United Kingdom alone owning an estimated 15% of the global VoIP market. It is estimated that VoIP services is expected to be worth over one million pounds in the United Kingdom. As the global trend for faster, more efficient communication via VoIP continues, one thing has remained the same; people all across the globe, from all different walks of life, want to stay connected to those who matter most.

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