Three Reasons to Use Hosted VOIP Services

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Technology has, and likely always will, shape the world of business. Companies that adopt new innovations as they premier find themselves at an advantage, while businesses that continue to use outdated modes of technology find themselves losing the competitive edge that they once had.

Hosted VOIP services have made a particularly tremendous impact on the business world. Telecommunication companies are now losing 700,000 landline customers a month, while 80% of enterprise companies are engaged in trials with hosted VOIP service providers.

Here are just a few of the reasons why so many businesses are jumping ship to hosted VOIP services.

Hosted VOIP Services Allow Businesses to Remain Connected at All Times.

Businesses can use their VOIP service anywhere where there’s an Internet connection, which means that business can be easily conducted in the office or remotely. This allows a company to not only deal with a crisis swiftly, but to also seize an opportunity when it arises.

Hosted VOIP Services Are Incredibly Cost Efficient.

VOIP services are incredibly cost efficient because there are fewer installation costs and maintenance expenses. What’s more, there are cheaper international call rates, allowing companies to take care of businesses in the most affordable way possible.

Hosted VOIP Services Provide Peace of Mind.

These services provide businesses with a peace of mind, because if there’s ever a service interruption, they can continue to do business remotely. What’s more, nothing is lost if there’s a crash or any other digital catastrophe, because data gets backed up to the cloud for easy retrieval.

Every successful business depends on having an effective means of internal and external communications. Hosted VOIP solutions ensure that businesses and their clients stay connected, while seamlessly integrating voice and data features.

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