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Ergonomic chairs for back pain

Let’s be honest. Sitting for an extended period of time at home, on the bus, at work in the office, or anywhere for that matter, can become boring, painful, restless, tiresome, and uncomfortable. Many professional careers and jobs require people and their workers to be seated in front of a desk or table for many hours. If appropriate seating and sitting styles are disregarded, there is a good chance for the occurrence of discomfort and back pain.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) recommends that people practice and maintain proper posture to prevent back pain and ensure a good, healthy, and fully functional physical condition.
Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. It has been proven that sitting in an office chair that lacks of proper ergonomics may lead to neck pain, muscle strains and tension, and leg pain.

Offices should come fully equipped with chairs for durability that employees can use throughout their work shift. Office ergonomics can help reduce the risk of repetitive injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Chairs for durability provide comfort and aid to your wellness through ergonomics. Over time, hunching and leaning forward in an office chair will lead to the development of tight, fatigued, rigid muscles and joints, which are more susceptible to injury and can increase the chance for further health and wellness complications.

In 2010, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics claimed that there were 650,000 work-related musculoskeletal disorders being faced by individuals. The fact is that back pain is a very common work-related injury and can be caused by simple, ordinary work tasks such as sitting in a poorly designed office chair or lifting and moving heavy equipment.

Each year in the United States, Americans have been reported to spend nearly $50 billion dollars, at least, treating back pain. Experts have estimated that 80% of the population will experience and face some form of back pain at least once throughout their lifetime. In fact, the ACA found that 31 million Americans are undergoing some form of lower back pain at any given time.

There are currently about 3,805 office furniture manufacturing businesses located and operating in the United States. Most of these furniture manufacturing business carry chairs for durability that address all of your needs. Some of these chairs include: heavy duty office chairs, leather desk chairs, comfortable small office chairs, modern conference room chairs, ergonomic chairs for back pain, and boss chairs.

Chairs for durability allow for a better sitting experience that has been proven to benefit your health and physical functions.

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