10 Design Tips a Web Designer can Guarantee

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There are plenty of website designing tips out there, but for those who are already settled on hiring a professional website designer, you will want to know what basics of what they will be doing for your company. Here are the top 10 necessary and most common website designing tips that your hired professional will be sure to include in your new website.

  1. Quick Message: Around 59% of users believe a mobile website should load in 3 seconds or less. If not, they will use the dreaded “back” button and leave your site. Same goes for if you don’t clearly convey the message of your company.
  2. No Fluff: A professional website designer will make sure you don’t have any lengthy paragraphs, especially on the main page. No user wants to read a story just to find a simple fact about the services you provide. Keep it simple. Keep it short.

  3. Call to Arms: Or rather, action. One of the best website designing tips out there is to always have a button on the bottom or top of the page where users can “Buy Now” or “Request a Quote” from your company.
  4. Updated: Keep up with the times and include content that isn’t updated, as well as Internet features that are with the times, such as using videos. Videos on landing pages can increase consumer conversion rates by 86%, according to EyeView research.
  5. Social Media: Any professional, from small web design companies to large ad agencies, will tell you its necessary to have social media. However, reputation management is critical to brand management; without it, companies could suffer public relations disasters.
  6. Less Thinking: Custom website designers will be able to make your new website navigable, which involves less thinking on your user’s end. They should know exactly where the “Home” button is and where they can purchase your services.
  7. Use Established Programs: You may want to go all out and create your website from the ground up, but instead a professional company will encourage you to use WordPress, Drupal, or Magento because they are easier to use.
  8. SEO Competency: Those three little letters pack a big punch when it comes to getting users to your site. The best website designing tips should always include having a great organic keyword that will get your website to the top of the search list.
  9. Legibility: Never, ever make your readers have to hunch over close to the screen to see your text. Your professional website design company will make sure your website has easy-to-read font so your customers don’t have to guess what you’re all about.
  10. Audience: Many companies believe that targeting anyone and everyone to their website is the best for business. However, companies that focus solely on their industry niche will see the most growth and profit. Choose and stick with a target audience.

Along with these tips and tricks, professional web design companies will of course make your website looking slick and clean and will always be open to suggestions. Great references here.

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