The Universal Remote The Universe Is Clearly Too Big

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Ah, the universal remote. The answer to all our prayers. The promise of ease and convenience and comprehensive entertainment control, all in one easy-to-use device.

Trouble is, it hardly ever works out that way.

Don’t get me wrong. Universal remote controls for TVs always have their hearts in the right place. But it almost always lacks something in the execution. There’s always some button you need but can’t find (if it’s there at all), many buttons you don’t need at all, or a pairing process that makes docking with the International Space Station look like buckling a seat belt.

The solution? Brand-specific TV remote controls replacement. If your TV is a Sony, get the correct Sony remote. If it’s a Samsung, get the right Samsung remote. If it’s a Magnavox… You get the idea.

Since the first remote controlled devices began finding their way into our living rooms, we’ve bemoaned the pile of remotes sitting by the couch. We’ve struggled to find the right one to pause the DVD on our way to the bathroom, or change the channel when the Super Bowl commercial is over. We’ve spent countless halves of dozens of seconds clicking ineffectually at the buttons we could have sworn were the volume, but only ended up changing the aspect ratio.

The idea of universal remote controls for TVs and DVD players and DVRs has a certain appeal. We get that. It’s completely understandable. But the simple fact of the matter is, no single remote control will control all your devices anywhere near as well as the correct remote for each specific device.

The single most dangerous time in a potential remote-control-buyer’s life is when more than one remote seems broken at the same time. Because that’s the moment when you start considering the dreaded universal remote. “Well, I need to buy two remotes anyway… Why not buy one and save some money?” Because you’ll be miserable, that’s why!

If you value your sanity and the efficiency of your television-watching time, be sure to buy replacement remote controls for TVs specifically from the manufacturers of your models, or a retailer that carries a wide enough selection that you can get whatever you need. The universe is just too big for any one remote to handle. More like this article:

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