Three Photoshop Tricks Everyone Should Know

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Even if you’ve gone and gotten one of the best small digital cameras that photo stores have to offer, sometimes your pictures don’t come out quite like you’d have like them to. Maybe there’s some red eye issues, or maybe the lighting of your digital camera shoot was off, or perhaps the photos are a little shaky.

Don’t worry, though, because you can always fix these issues in post production. Here are a few photoshop tricks to help mend any problems you might have had with your digital camera shoots.

Red Eye.

If red eye ruined your digital camera shoot, then consider getting Fotor, a free webapp with a great red eye removal tool. Just upload the pictures you want to fix, click “Beauty” in the top bar, then click the eye icon, and then choose the Red Eye Remover. Change the tool’s size to match the size of the eyes of your digital camera shoot’s subjects. Then, clean away that red eye, click save adjustments, and you’re all set.

Lighting Issues.

Any basic photo editor can brighten dark photos (or darken bright photos for that matter). First use a rectangular marquee tool to select the area you want to brighten, leaving room at the edges. Copy and past this selection into a new file. Then, use levels, curves, or a lighting adjustment tool to boost the midtones of the photos from your digital camera shoot. If you only want a specific part of the photo brightened, then select the eraser tool and use a soft brush to erase any unwanted brightening. Then, adjust the opacity of the brightened selection until it’s the level you want.

Use Filters.

Photoshop programs aren’t only meant to fix mistakes, they’re also designed to help make the products of your digital camera shoot better, too. There are several great apps out there that you can use right on a tablet or smartphone, like VSCO Cam, Afterlight, Facetune, and even Instagram. All of these apps have cool filters that can automatically fix your pictures’ error and improve them.

When still digital cameras fail you, there’s always photoshop to help fix your less than satisfactory digital camera shoots. If you have any questions about these tips and tricks, feel free to ask in the comments.

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