Four Common Internet Problems That Could Be Ruining Your Ethernet Routing

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Home internet services have come a very long way since the mid-1990’s when the internet first started taking off. Today, according to the OOKLA Net Index, the average internet speed is 19.52 Mbps. Who could have imagined during the days of 56k dial up that we’d be able to download five complete mp3s in the span of a single second?

If you’ve carefully studied ethernet network diagrams and set up a home ethernet routing solution, you know better than most that internet speeds are just as dependent on how you calibrate your router and connected devices as the type of internet and ethernet routing services you use. If you’re one of the many who are tired of their home ethernet network refusing to work like it should, here are four of the most common ethernet routing problems and their solutions.

Four Things That Could Be Ruining Your Ethernet Routing Setup

  1. You Should Have Blazing Speeds, but You’re Stuck at 56k Pace
  2. As InformationWeek writes, slow internet speeds are one of the biggest problems people face. One of the most common issues in an ethernet routing setup is the Wi-Fi frequency running into a sympathetic frequency coming from your microwave or other devices. If you switch the channel on your router, the source suggests, it’s likely to solve your wireless speed problems.

  3. Your Ethernet Network Won’t Hold a Signal
  4. We’ve all been there: you’re trying to stream your favorite show on Netflix, only your router keeps cutting out. PC Magazine suggests that your splitters may be to blame. Using -3.5dB splitters instead of the more commonplace -7dB models and checking each to make sure it still puts out a signal, replacing as needed, may very well fix your problem, without breaking the bank.

  5. You Keep Seeing Other People Pop on Your Router Log
  6. If you keep seeing unusual IP addresses connect to your router in the log, chances are you either haven’t set a password for your router or the password is just too easy to guess. Changing your password or moving your router so the coverage doesn’t extend outside of your house can keep unwanted leeches from using your network, slowing your speed and eating up your bandwidth.

  7. Your Ethernet Routing Setup Doesn’t Like Your Gaming Systems
  8. If you’ve setup your Playstation, XBOX, or other gaming console and you’re ready to go, yet you can’t seem to get any sort of internet connection from your router, chances are you need to add an exception to your router. As points out, if you go into your system settings on your favorite console, it should tell you the MAC address for that system. Adding that number to the list of MAC address exceptions on your router should fix your problem, without opening your personal connection to the web up to a bunch of random hardware.

Are you a techie? What tips would you give the newbie homeowner looking to setup a fast ethernet network at home? Let us know in the comment section below. Ger more information on this topic here:

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