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How do i advertise

Okay, so you’ve got a brand new product hot off the production line belt, but you have no idea how to tell the world. You may be wondering “How do I advertise?” Everyone starts somewhere; the first paid advertisement in the U.S. was in 1704 when an ad for an estate in Oyster Bay, Long Island was posted in the Boston News Letter.

Effective advertising takes a bit of time and skill, and it is always recommended that you hire a full service ad agency to get the job done in a time efficient and professional manner. Choosing an advertising agency can help you understand your consumer market, so when you have another product launch in the future you will be better prepared to promote it yourself.

Effective advertising starts with how to promote a product. Here are a few tips and tricks.

  1. Increase demand for your product: Design your product promotions in order to make your target consumers feel like they need or desire your product above your competitors’. You may increase demand by undergoing an online marketing campaign. Around 24% of overall marketing spending in 2013 was spend on online marketing.
  2. Present information clearly: Humans have become somewhat numb to the hundreds of advertisements we are exposed to every day, so you’ll want to grab the attention of an onlooker. To do this, promote your product clearly, quickly, and informatively. Plain and simple is best.
  3. Make your product different: Work in any industry and you will soon realize there are always competitors, to make your product different via promotional efforts. Send your customers emails and tell them why your product is better than your competitor. Consumers who receive email marketing spend an estimated 83% more than those who don’t.
  4. Know your consumer niche: Effective advertising depends on how well you know your consumer audience. Who are they? What is their income bracket? Does gender have any connection to your product? To find answers to these questions, always do some market research before launching an ad campaign.
  5. Dive into online advertising: According to EyeView research, using advertising videos on landing pages can increase customer conversion rates by 86% — this is a major increase! With online advertising, you have just opened your business to the billions of people who use the Internet on a daily basis. Not to mention online advertising is less expensive.

Final thoughts: After you’ve selected an advertisement agency, you should work together to help build a foundation for your ad campaign. Tell the agency what your goals are, how much profit you intend on making at the end of the campaign, and they will suggest some strategies. Don’t be afraid to try a new approach, such as SEO marketing, in order to make your product and company known.
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