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It can be difficult for the small business to attract customer attention these days with so many other companies to compete against in the same market for the same consumer demographic. This is why the small business needs an effective advertising campaign that will boost return on investment.

An estimated 54% of small business owners admit that they could use a bit of help improving their social media marketing skills as well as other promotional areas. Today’s business must move quickly to keep up with the latest advertising strategies; here are a few effective advertising tips and tricks to boost your ROI.

  1. Use Twitter: Nearly 24% of overall marketing spending last year was on digital or online marketing, and Twitter can get you the marketing you need. People enjoy looking at images and reading news highlights and opinions. Add images to your Twitter posts and watch the number of retweets soar.
  2. Google Authorship: Full service ad agencies will tell you that if you’ve got a great writer and advertiser, this tool is very useful. This ensures that the ad agency’s campaigns for your company are linked to your Google+ profile.
  3. Promise to Deliver: Social media can be tempting to offer so many discounts that will eventually end up bankrupting your company. Internet ad agencies suggest not giving out too many discounts if you can’t afford to; this could ruin your reputation. Reputation management is critical to brand management, and without it even minor issues can become PR disasters.
  4. Face to Face: Don’t just hide behind social media, go out and meet your more loyal customers and partners. Effective advertising is all about human interaction, so get out there and have a few video sessions for investors or big clients.
  5. Streamline Content: Internet posts formatted as a list get 200% more links than those not in list form, but be careful not to have duplicate content out there. Keep track of what is being posted on your company’s various social media pages.
  6. Hire a Pro: Choosing an advertising agency doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it means you’re willing to have more superior marketing strategies over your peers who don’t think making the investment is worth it. An ad agency is especially helpful when you simply don’t have the man-power or resources.
  7. Ask the Audience: When all else fails and you’re stumped on how to improve your ROI, asking your consumers for feedback always helps. Heck, asking for help can end up being the advertising campaign in itself. No one knows your business better than your consumers — they will always have something to say.

If you are a small business looking to attract more attention, consult an advertising agency first to see what strategies would work best for your company. To see more, read this.

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