Why to Hire an Inbound Marketing Company Over an In-House Specialist

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing services generate content for your company like SEO articles, social media accounts, blog posts, infographics and many more, all in the name of web search optimization.

60% of marketers have adopted inbound marketing strategies in the US, and companies that blog have an average of 97% more inbound links. Focusing on inbound marketing tactics has never been more important.

You can hire an in-house individual for these services, but there are compelling reasons to turn to a local SEO agency instead.

Agencies are well versed in inbound marketing strategies and managing content marketing, performing tasks over and over at their local SEO agency office until they refine the whole process into a science.

SEO agencies perform like well-oiled machines, with certain employees specializing in different parts of the process but all working together to increase your company’s online visibility. This makes their tactics more efficient and more effective than one person working alone.

Efficiency isn’t just about time. SEO agencies will have a better idea of what to post and when to reach your largest audience. They know what keywords are going to shoot you to the top and which hot topics will bring your website the most traffic.

Your local SEO agency, or even an agency on the other side of the country, will usually have more collective experience than one in-house employee could even hope to have. They work with many partners to increase web traffic, and they know what works and what doesn’t.

Agencies experiment with the latest apps, marketing tools and system and attend conferences to keep up-to-date and well trained in all the newest online marketing trends. The amount of time it would take an individual to do this would leave them with no time to get any actual inbound marketing done.

An outside firm will also be able to give you a more objective view than an in-house employee of what it will take to market your company online. This fresh perspective can be just the edge your company needs to get ahead.

With an in-house marketer, you also run the risk of putting too much responsibility in the hands of a new, untried employee. Even major companies have faced setbacks when inexperienced employees were left alone with their twitter accounts and behaved badly.

Besides, according to data from Marketingeasy, the typical mid-size to large company in the US has about 178 social media marketing assets, which would be a lot for even the best employee to handle.

When you hire an agency, you have the experience and reliability of an entire team behind you. When it comes to managing your online reputation, this is almost always the best way to go.

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