Three Ways to Pose Your Subjects

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When you’re having a digital camera shoot, you shouldn’t take pictures, per se, but rather create the pictures. Instead of thinking that subjects make pictures inherently more interesting, photographers think about how to frame and compose their subjects in visually dynamic ways.

One such trick photographers like to use in their digital camera shoots is to pose their subjects in a way that compliments their body types. Some people might look great as they casually lean against a wall, but such a pose might be unflattering to others. However, those people might be more photogenic if they turn to the side, and their pictures would then be equally as flattering as the other person’s.

Here are a few cool ways you can pose people to make them more photogenic during your next digital camera shoot.

Look Slimmer.

Photographers have three tricks to make the subjects of their digital camera shoots look slimmer. Firstly, they never pose their subjects next to someone who’s slimmer — particularly if they’re wearing similar outfits. Secondly, they never put a larger person close to the camera. Thirdly, and most importantly, they angle their subjects 45 degrees away from the camera, making the person put their weight on their back foot, and tucking their arm that’s away from the camera behind their back.

Look Bigger.

If someone is naturally skinny, photographers will try to increase their presence in the digital camera shoot by making them turn their as much of their body as possible to the camera — the opposite of the third trick mentioned above.

Look Taller.

Photographers even have ways of making the subjects of their digital camera shoot look taller. First, they can make the subject sit, since viewers don’t naturally look for the height of someone sitting down. Second, they can shoot from a lower angle. This perspective makes the viewer look up at the subject, causing them appear to have more authority and a larger stature.

Even if you got the best equipment that any and all online digital camera stores had to offer, you still need to know how to use it if you want to take great pictures. Such tricks will not only make your subjects look better, but help you create higher-quality photos. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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