Custom Protective Cases Will Keep Your Important Equipment Safe When Traveling

Military surplus cases

When you’re traveling with important work equipment, it’s important to make sure that equipment is kept safe. Whether you’re able to keep the equipment beside you, or have to check your baggage, you want to make sure it gets from Point A to Point B safely, and avoids any kind of damage.

Why should you be concerned about your cargo? Well, when your equipment is out of your sight, you have no way of knowing what’s happening to it, or even where it is. For these reasons, you need to know that regardless of the conditions or the way your cargo is being handled, it isn’t being damaged.

The best way to ensure that your important equipment reaches its final destination is with protective shipping cases. These custom protective cases can be designed for the exact specifications of your equipment, with your specific needs in mind.

Check out these unsettling baggage handling facts that might make you think twice about traveling with important equipment:

  • 26.04 million bags were mishandled in 2012.
  • This is the lowest number of mishandled baggage since the government started collecting reports in 1987.
  • But 26.04 million is still an awful lot.
  • While many of those bags were simply delayed, 12.9% were damaged, and 4.2% were lost or stolen.
  • That 12.9% of damaged baggage adds up to over 3 million individual pieces of luggage damaged.

With all of the dangers that come with traveling, it’s important to do everything you can to make sure that your cargo is kept safe, no matter what misadventures it encounters along the way. The very best way you can do this is by investing in protective shipping cases, designed to keep sensitive contents protected from the elements, and from unsafe handling.

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