Three Things Small Business Owners Need to Know About SEO

Effectiveness of local seo

One of the biggest struggles that many small businesses face these days is advertising and trying to market their business. One of the reasons that this is a struggle now, is that much of the advertising world has moved online and it’s tough for small business owners to keep up and stay on top of day-to-day operations at their businesses. If you’re one of them and you’re feeling behind, the first thing you need to know is that SEO is at the forefront of internet marketing. Here are answers to three questions you’re probably too embarrassed to ask at this point but you need to know the answers to.

1. What is search engine optimization?
Search engine optimization is, simply put, a series of strategies and practices that are meant to help your website rank higher in the search engine results. There are a few different things that make this work, but the ultimate goal is to make sure that your website is ranking as highly in the search engine results as possible. People use the internet to find products and services, and they like clicking on high ranking links.

2. Do I really need it?
Yes. Over 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine like Bing, Google, or Yahoo. Each of these uses algorithms to rank search results according to different things. Local SEO is also very important, so aside from having a well-optimized and designed website, you need to make sure that your local listing are on point.

3. Is it something I can do myself?
There’s a reason that many small businesses spring for SEO services, even when they’re on a tight budget. Aside from having the skills and knowledge to put SEO tactics into practice, many SEO services also offer other essential internet marketing strategies like social media and PPC.

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