Why to Invest in a Professional Answering Service

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Are you a business that needs to stay in touch with their customers? Where a personal touch is key in maintaining and attracting clients? Have you considered hiring an after hours answering service? You could raise your customer satisfaction, boost your customer base, and be more attentive to customer needs in ways that would benefit your company. In general, telephone answering service reviews are pretty high in terms of meeting customer satisfaction.
What is a professional answering service?
A professional answering service–whether that be a live receptionist answering service or an automated answering service–helps the business with customers; addressing complaints, answering questions, or being attentive to concerns. Agents from the answering service can answer phones when employees at the regular business are off of work. This allows the business to have 24/7 answering service coverage.
Why would a professional answering service be necessary?
Telephone answering service reviews have been high among businesses that heavily deal with client interaction–for example, medical device providers, trades, and service professionals, (like plumbing or electric), real estate, law or accounting offices, etc. These businesses field a lot of phone calls. Many employees will only take a 9-5 shift and then go home to their families or other obligations. This means the rest of the hours, any calls made to the company will go to voicemail. Since most people get out of work at the same time as your regular employees, you could miss answering a lot of frustrated calls and lose potential customers. Did you know that the average business only hears from 4% of its unhappy customers? If one of your business goals is to address and respond to customer complaints, having a professional answering service could be a good step towards that.
What are the benefits of having a professional answering service?
One of the main reasons is that it can increase your profit. A recent study showed that companies which put their customer service first see profits 60% higher than that of their competitors. Missing phone calls or having calls go to voicemail will mostly likely lead in a drop in customer interest, as they feel the company is not there for them. Additionally, customer inquiries that are expressed via email only have a 27% rate of being answered correctly to solve the customer’s problem. Telephone answering service reviews have been so high because 61% of Americans would prefer to have their customer service conducted over the phone. Additionally, if you increase your customer retention rate by 5%, you could see around 125% increase in your profits.
Invest in a professional answering service to boost profits, make your customers happy, and gain a well-deserved reputation for customer satisfaction!

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