3 Parts of Your Print Marketing Campaign It’s Worth Outsourcing

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Print marketing is a proven way to increase brand visibility and bring in new customers. But the reality is that most small or even mid-sized businesses aren’t equipped to produce effective print marketing materials in house. The good news is that even with the expense associated with outsourcing some tasks associated with a print marketing campaign, the higher quality and more focused result tends to pay off, making those contracts true investments. Here are the three basic services you should know it’s worth paying an outside expert to perform:

  1. Design Services

    When it comes to advertising, design isn’t just about looking “nice.” Could someone in your office produce marketing materials that look fine at first glance? Quite possibly, especially if they’re handy on a Mac. But in order to be effective, marketing design has to be rooted in psychology and market research. That knowledge can govern everything from what colors are used to where elements are placed, and can have a big impact on whether viewers respond positively and want to further engage with your company. That’s why it’s worth hiring someone with a degree and/or extensive experience in marketing, rather than someone for whom design is merely a hobby.

  2. Editing Services

    Small business owners often hesitate to hire professional editors and proofreaders. After all, they think, it can’t be too hard to spell-check the relatively few words generally included on marketing pieces. The problem is that the human brain helps us understand words on a page even when there are errors included. That’s a useful skill most of the time, but it’s one that editors have actively trained themselves to turn off in order to spot problems. Plus, you don’t want an embarrassing but common “they’re/their” mistake to undermine the credibility of your entire business.

  3. Printing Services

    Once your project has been professionally designed and edited, it’s time to check out commercial printing companies so that you’ll have a high production quality, too. It’s best to use a full-service printing company, rather than some online printing services, because the people actually doing the printing will have the expertise to advise you on which processes will produce the best result. If you’re sending out customized pieces or need a short run (fewer than 500 copies, for example), then a digital printing company may offer you the best value. But if you need 2,000 identical copies or something along those lines, offset printing services may be more affordable and offer you the best quality.

What are the other essential components of top-notch print advertising? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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