Three Advantages of POS Systems Designed Specifically With Small Pharmacies in Mind

Pharmacy pos system

A good POS system is essential for any business to run efficiently and to provide consumers with the best service possible, but not all “good” POS systems are equal. If you run a small business that provides a very specialized service — like a pharmacy, for example — your business would benefit from having a specialized POS system, too. Here are just a few ways that retail pharmacy POS systems provide small pharmacy owners with better resources for more successful businesses:

  • Consider this: in 2010, doctors ordered an estimated 2.6 billion prescriptions to be filled by local pharmacies after a patient had received treatment from their physician. Although your pharmacy may not be flooded with patient prescriptions every single day, you still have a lot of prescription medications to provide and administer safely. A retail pharmacy POS system can keep records of past prescriptions each patient picks up, allowing pharmacists to track medication use and provide better personalized advice for each patient, based on the prescriptions he/she has used in the past or is currently using.

  • Since pharmacies don’t just provide prescription medications, it’s important that you’re able to manage the front end items and over-the-counter medications that your store sells as well — and this is where specialized pharmacy POS systems really come in handy. They’ll help you manage product inventory, they’ll alert you when a product needs to be reordered, and they’ll provide real-time analysis of sales trends.

  • And last but not least, although most pharmacies choose to an average pharmacy POS system — which is completely okay, since these system come with enhanced features designed specifically for pharmacies — there are plenty of ways to customize your new POS system with software features to fit your customers’ needs. A mobile POS system, for example, would be incredibly helpful if you have a lot of older patients with restricted mobility. Or an extensive customer loyalty program might be even more helpful, if you find that you’re competing with big chain stores that can afford to offer huge sales and coupon discounts.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what your pharmacy’s exact needs are — there’s guaranteed to be a pharmacy POS system that has exactly what you need to run your business more efficiently.

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