Why You Should Invest in a Business Telephone Answering Service

24 hour answering service

Is your business centered around maintaining 24/7 contact or providing 24/7 access with your customers? Are you having trouble finding people who can work late night shifts or early morning shifts? If so, you should consider looking into a business telephone answering service. There are numerous benefits to investing in a professional answering service. It can either be a live phone answering service or you can customize an automated answering service, depending on your need.
What does a professional answering service do?
A professional answering service can play a number of roles, regardless of whether they’re a receptionist answering the phone from a remote location or an automated answering service. They can assist your business with customer relations–handling complaints, answering questions, and addressing complaints. Agents who work for the answering service are able to answer phones when employees at the regular business are off of work. This means your business can have 24/7 answering service coverage!
Why would you want to invest in a business telephone answering service?
First and foremost, a business telephone answering service can be highly beneficial in improving customer satisfaction ratings. Since customers can now get in touch with the business at any time, they feel like they’re being listened to and that the business is accessible. In turn, better customer service means high profits for you–studies have shown that businesses who make customer service a priority make about 60% more profit than their competition who doesn’t cultivate their customer service.
How could having a business telephone answering service help my company?
Good customer service is important–believe it or not, about 55% of customers who were surveyed said they would pay more money if they had a better experience with customer experience. Happy customers mean a strong client base and more referrals to your business. Conversely, a bad customer service experience will turn customers away. Did you know that customers are more than two times likely to report a bad customer service experience to a family member or friend than a good customer service exchange? One reason telephone answering service reviews have been so high is because 61% of Americans would prefer to have their customer service conducted over the phone. Additionally, if you increase your customer retention rate by 5%, you could see around 125% increase in your profits.
You could raise your customer satisfaction, boost your customer base, and be more attentive to customer needs in ways that would benefit your company. In general, telephone answering service reviews are pretty high in terms of meeting customer satisfaction. You want to make sure you’re doing all you can to both attract and maintain your clientele. Being more accessible can go a long way to ensuring your success.

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