Three Fields That Could Be Your Path To A New Job


At times, it may feel as if there aren’t any jobs available for you. Perhaps you pursued a degree in college that you were passionate about then, but have lost your spark for now. Perhaps you don’t regret the degree you earned, but can’t find a job in your field — an increasingly common issue for thousands, maybe even millions of people. But working outside of your field is not a failure. Maybe you simply haven’t found your field yet. But the fact is that there are jobs out there for you. Recruiting services are looking for smart, enthusiastic employees for a variety of fields. Below, we’ll look into a few of the different industries and fields that are looking for new recruits. If you feel like you haven’t found your niche yet, maybe you just need a little help — and a recruiting firm can give you that help. Maybe your future lies in technology, or perhaps it’s within food services. Your skill set may be right for something you haven’t even thought of yet. Let’s look into the kind of fields a recruiting company can help you enter.

Food Production Jobs
Food production and manufacturing can cover a variety of different jobs. There are foods that are mass-produced, and meals that are whipped up on an individual basis in restaurants. No matter what subset of the food manufacturing industry you’re interested in entering, there are jobs for you — and those jobs will involve food service equipment on some level. Food service equipment can be easy or complicated to use — there’s such a wide range of different types of equipment. With that being said, if you have experience using food service equipment, you may want to think about telling a recruiting firm and looking for a job in this field. However, you can also learn about food service equipment even if you don’t have an extensive background in the food services industry. After all, entry-level jobs are always available if you’re willing to throw yourself into them. Food manufacturing can also involve a knowledge of nutritional values and dietary needs. If you’ve learned about this in the past, then perhaps you could get a job in the industry that is more theoretical and less hands-on. But of course, there are other fields that could be right for you.

Flexible Packaging Jobs
The flexible packaging industry is a major one in the United States. It could cover everything from food packaging to drug packaging — the latter of which is a $66 billion industry. The flexible packaging industry in general now employs over 79,000 people, with varying backgrounds and skill sets. 58% of its shipments are made up of food packaging — both retail and institutional. At this very moment, flexible packaging is the second largest packaging segment in the country. It takes in about 18% of the $145 billion packaging industry. This industry can only be expected to grow — there’s no sign of the need for flexible packaging letting up anytime soon, or at all for that matter. They need people on the ground, ready to do both management work and more basic tasks. But if you want a very specific kind of job, there are those too.

Cybersecurity Jobs
Data is one of the most precious commodities in the age of the Internet. A staggering three in five companies that lose their data will wind up shutting down six months following the disaster, according to the Boston Computer Network’s Data Loss Statistics. Even more shocking, 20% — one in five — of the companies surveyed in the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council’s 2014 Annual Report suffered $50,000 to $5 million dollars in downtime losses. Companies are in need of cybersecurity professionals, who can protect their data and, in turn, protect the company.

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