The Importance of Technology to the Medical Setting

75 ft ethernet cable

Technology is an important part of our world. It began as a convenience and a source of entertainment. It has quickly evolved into a necessity. We use technology not only to communicate with others, but it has also become an important part of many careers, the medical field and is even an important part of our military fields. The usage of technology has increased our medical fields to include better ways of communicating and in diagnostics. The use of technology has made us more aware when it comes to different diseases and into the study of different germs and the evolution of these diseases. Technology has and will continue to provide insight into medical areas we had never thought to be possible.

Most medical devices in any medical setting function in some technological aspect. Most medical records are stored in a technological base. Most medical test results are figured out using different types of medical devices. The advancement of technology not only makes all of this possible, but also increases the efficiency or medical health providers. For example, West Health Institute indicates 7% of nurse?s time is spent documenting vital signs. When devices are created that speed up this time, or completely take the task away from the nurses, they are able to spend their time doing other medically related tasks. The network Ethernet cable allows them to speed up the vital taking task.

Iatric Systems Inc., of Boxford, Massachusetts, recently surveyed more than 4,000 hospital Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs) to identify barriers to medical device connectivity, 14% said lack of support from Information Technology and Biomedical Engineering is their top barrier, and 7% indicated outdated hardware (for example, IV pumps with no network connectivity). Although some hospitals and medical offices may not yet have the ability to connect devices technologically, most see the benefits of having the ability to do so. Sometimes using things like a network Ethernet cable or a cat5 crossover cable can help bridge these problems, allowing more medical office settings to utilize technology in their practices.

In addition to saving time for medical health providers, the use of network Ethernet cables and technology can also save money. The cables and technology used speed up tasks and require less human task, which often translates to significant cost savings. West Health Institute reported that aggregately hospitals can save more than $30 billion a year by connecting medical devices such as vital sign monitors, smart pumps and ventilators with their electronic health records. Also, connecting the devices to the electronic health records can reduce errors in recording methods. Any device or procedure that is entirely human operated is open for error. These errors can provide many problems for the hospital and for the patient. Utilizing things like the network Ethernet cables and the bulk USB cables can reduce the amount of human error that is often found in human testing procedures.

Once a hospital or medical health setting decides to switch to technological recording and testing, they may find benefit in purchasing the necessary cables in bulk and in larger lengths. Most medical devices will require some type of cable, making the bulk purchase more cost effective. Also, more medical devices will require transferring of information between large spaces. A hospital or medical setting may need cables like the 100 ft HDMI cable and the bulk fiber optic cable. Even having cell phone cable accessories on hand can be helpful in increasing effective communication among medical employees.

Technology is responsible for advancing many areas of study. This is especially true in the medical fields. Technology has improved the study of disease and in hospital procedures. Hospitals that have yet to transfer to a technological based hospital will find that they spend more money, relying on nurses to perform such tasks as taking the vitals of the patients. Moving to a more technological based system can save money and it can reduce human error. Longer HDMI cables may be needed in these types of settings, just as purchasing the HDMI cables in bulk can be beneficial in this type of setting.

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