Is Your Company Looking to Restructure Its Leadership Team?

No matter what you are doing in life, there will be leaders who are calling the shots. Many people are happy to take orders from those in a leadership position, but many people also want to become a leader in their own right. The importance of leadership is well documented, and leaders are important people who drive others to do their best. If you are interested in becoming a better leader at work, you might want to enroll in some leadership training courses. There are courses and books that can teach you about the best leadership strengths to improve your leadership.

The character traits of successful leaders vary a bit by the industry, but many of them are the same. Being able to rally people to do their best is an important trait. Being able to set a good example to others is another one. The characteristics of being a leader are often ones that inspire other people. If someone can lead others, there may be no end to what they can accomplish. Taking a course in leadership is just the first step toward learning to lead. The rest has to be learned on the job by seeing what works.

Outplacement companies

It is difficult to avoid job forecast numbers during this bizarre end to the 2016 Presidential election season. And while the conflicting reports both sides of the race present can be overwhelming, understanding the forecast for both jobs and unemployment numbers is a major deciding factor for many voters. If you are a large or small business owner, however, the big picture of the nation’s work force may not be your major concern. Instead, you are likely concerned about your own company numbers. And in a time when unemployment numbers seem to be lower than normal, the focus of your company’s hiring efforts must continue to be on finding the best candidate for a job and retaining that perfect employee once he or she is hired.
Some of the most difficult company hiring challenges occur when a company has to go through a complete restructuring. And while some companies are able to handle the easier task of hiring one or two lower level employees, the restructuring process forces most companies to look for human resources executive search firms and other resources to complete the event.
Talent Acquisition Management Services Can Help Companies of All Size Complete the Restructuring Process
Restructuring consulting firms help companies evaluate their goals, create a thorough job description, and locate the best candidates for those positions. And once a viable candidate has been hired, a talent acquisition management team can help make sure that the proper plan is in place to retain the new hires.
It may come as no surprise that 57% of organizations view employee retention as a problem. In fact, some statistics indicate that as many as 22% of new hires leave their jobs within 45 days of their start date. The reasons for the one in five new hires leaving what seemed like the perfect job within the first month and a half include poor performance and temperament issues. For the companies who lose their new hires so quickly, the expense and energy of rehiring can become a strain.
In an effort to increase the odds of successful employee retention, many of the most resourceful companies depend on outside talent acquisition teams. Companies who specialize in talent acquisition and retention can help their clients make use of the most proven practices. With the implementation of structured on-boarding programs, in fact, some companies indicate that 58% of their new hires are more likely to still be with the company after three years.
The increasing cost of employee turnover can range from 30% to 150% of the employee?s salary. For this reason, talent acquisition consultants employ a variety of proven strategies to make sure that new employee transitions are both predictable and productive. Some aspects that help talent acquisition teams find the best options include:

  • Looking for innovation. Few companies are looking for the same old same old when they are in the restructuring process. The best new hires are innovators who thoughtfully consider a company’s current structure and objective and devise ways to use innovation to update those practices.
  • Looking for commitment. The days of finding employees who have been with the same company for 30 years or more are coming to an end. Today, unfortunately, some of the best talent sees their skills as attributes that can easily be effective in a variety of fields. For this reason, some of the best talent is easily swayed by the next and brightest opportunity. Companies, however, want to focus on finding new hires who are known for their longevity.
  • Looking for advanced skills. Although some skills are transferrable from one industry to another, the advanced skills for a data storage company, for instance, simply require knowledge of industry specific facts. Data center location selection, upgrade needs, servers and storage racks, as well as software development teams are important to the data storage industry, and hiring someone who has no advanced skills in any of these areas would be a foolish decision. The best talent acquisition teams are successful at the restructuring process because the understand which advanced skills are essential to their clients.

Talent acquisition management services can give their clients better resources and options during individual hires and complete restructuring processes. These employment decisions are supported by employee on boarding platforms that increase the likelihood of retention.

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