Why Knowing Your Target Audience is So Important

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Demographic reporting is crucial to finding out what the target audience is for a particular line of business. It helps the marketing analytics services to be able to come up with techniques that will draw the attention of people who would actually want to purchase what a particular business has to offer. Location intelligence companies use software to figure out the demographic reporting in order to help a company to grow their client base. You need to understand who your buyers are and what they want in order to provide the best services or goods that will make a profit for your company. Using demographic information such as average income, education, occupations, location, family make up and other ideas will help to identify your target buyer. Their hobbies, interests and beliefs can also help you to understand your target audience better as well.

The first thing that demographic reporting does for you is to help you make the necessary changes to the product that you are offering or the services that you list in order to make your potential customer’s needs and wants. Secondly, knowing this information will help you reach out to these customers and grab their attention through your promotions, deals and advertising.

If you decide to sell directly to the users of your products, it’s crucial that you understand who those people are through demographic reporting and why they would buy your product. If you are selling wholesale then all this specific information is less important. Here are a few things that a common demographic report should include:

  • The age of your potential clients. This shows you if they are able to buy on their own as well as the kinds of things they might be interested in depending on their position in life at that point.

  • Their gender might make a difference. Although in this day and age that plays a smaller part in some people’s lives.

  • The average level of income will show you if the people you are targeting can even afford your product or if you need to adjust your prices.

  • Ethnicity will play a small part in culture and the types of things that their families might deem as important to the way that they live.

  • The marital status of your target audience is important because being married means more bills, possible children and various other issues of accountability and financial goals.

  • The number of children that a person has will tell you a little bit about the types of needs that they have and their priorities when it comes to purchasing things.

  • The typical occupation of your target audience will help you determine the income level as well as the availability of potential clients. It might even help you decide the opening hours of your business depending on when most people are at work.

  • The size of the community in general speaks a lot to the atmosphere and priorities of the people that live in that particular location. It will tell you if the town is up and coming or fairly stagnant.

The reason why finding out these things is not an invasion of privacy is because there is no one person that this information is being based on. This is a general analysis of an entire community and not something that pertains to any one individual. There are some other pieces of information that could be helpful to understand as well. These are as follows.

  • Psychographics refer to the personality and emotions of particular purchases. It shows whether clients are willing to take risks or avoid them.

  • The social factor of someone’s life includes their hobbies and recreational activities as well as the entertainment that they might enjoy.

  • Knowing your client’s beliefs an value systems makes you more aware of the general idea of religion and politics within the community where your business is located. It helps you not to offend and to be more understanding.

  • Some information of the life stages of people can be obtained from the demographics information but a larger focus should be put on the variables of each lifestyle.

Look for correlations between the demographic information and the lifestyle choices and you will finally be able to properly understand your potential customers and target audience.

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