4 Ways to Improve your TV Streaming this Fall

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Fall is almost here. It will bring colder temperatures, shorter sunny days, and winter will be right behind it. A lot of people?s daily activity will be moved indoors. This means that more and more people will head to the couch for their evening entertainment, streaming their favorite TV shows and movies to pass the hours. With so many winter shows coming back soon, make sure your home is prepared electronically for your season of relaxation and streaming shows.

Invest in a surround system

Investing in a good surround system can significantly improve the sound quality from your couch. Surround sound is what makes a trip to the movie theater so exciting. Just make sure that you have a surround sound system that fits well into your current living room space and that syncs well with your TV system. You will also need the appropriate cat 5 cable bulk and possibly cat5e cables. These cables will ensure that you are always connected to your TV and surround sound system.

Set up your preferred streaming method

Many TV and movie viewers are moving away from traditional cable. Instead, they are using programs like Netflix and HBO to stream their favorite TVs shows and movies. Before you begin your season of TV show watching, you will want to make sure you have your favorite streaming method setup. Depending on the specific system that you use, you might require additional cat 5 cable bulk cords or other types of bulk USB cables. Data can be transmitted through fiber optic cabling faster than traditional cabling due to increased capacity. Right now, commercial uses of fiber optic cabling can transmit 10 to 80 Gigabits per second over just one channel.

Create a charging station

Most people prefer to have their cell phones by their side, even when streaming their favorite TV shows. Setting up a charging station in your living room will ensure that your favorite devices are always fully charged. Make sure you have a charging cord that is long enough. A 100 ft. HDMI cable or 75 HDMI cable might be good enough, but it will really depend on the size of your living room and where your nearest outlet is. Also, make sure you have enough charging room for any remotes, tablets, or streaming devices. Always have extra cat 5 cable bulk cords available too.

Protect your electronic devices

Winter can bring a lot of poor weather, including ice and snowstorms. These storms can wreak havoc on the electrical and power lines. It is always smart to protect your expensive electronic devices with a home surge protector. This not only protects your electronics, but can also prevent a house fire. Whole house surge protectors are designed to divert excess voltage from your home. Most insurance claims for this damage exceed $10,000. However, the $250 price tag for a main service panel surge protector will easily pay for itself. Make sure all of your cables and electronics are properly hooked up to the surge protector, including the cat 5 cable bulk cords.

It is also important to choose a surge protector that fits your home and electronic needs. When you are shopping for surge protectors, make sure they have an UL rating of 1449, lower clamping voltage (close to 120 volts is safer, but UL standards are 330 volts), and that it absorbs at least 600 joules of energy. Even though these higher surge protectors might come at an increased price, they will provide better protection and result in a decreased loss.

Winter weather conditions prevent us from spending ample time outdoors. Fortunately, we have our favorite streaming services and TV shows to pass the time, until spring and summer return. Just make sure that you are prepared for a season of TV watching with ample cat 5 cable bulk cords, a charging station, and a good surround sound system.

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