What Is The Future of the Hotel Industry

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One of the most treasured activities in all of the United States is that of traveling. Traveling can include anything from camping in a campground in a tent or an RV, to staying in a downtown area in a hotel. It also includes making reservations to a cabin in the middle of the woods so that way you can experience the best of both worlds.

For the most part, however, when people travel they are going to stay in a hotel more often than not. This is one of the many reasons why hotels dominate the traveling industry in terms of revenue generated and where people are most likely to stay when they go on trips. It is very difficult to determine what the future of the hotel industry might be. Here are some factors that could help shape the future of the hotel industry.

More often than not, 96% of all customers will be disloyal to a hotel chain if they have to use a lot of energy in order to solve an issue. So the future of the hotel industry may very well involve an automated form of customer service that works to make resolving problems much easier.

These newly created automation services in the future of the hotel industry will also help with hotel technology, hotel software systems, hotel management, and hotel management solutions. This is important because if a hotel company can build loyalty with 5% more customers it will lead to an increased average profit anywhere between 25 and 100% per each customer.

According to studies, in the year of 2011, just about 28% of all customers stopped doing business with a company because they had a bad customer experience. So there is no question that the future of the hotel industry will involve innovations to help fix customer service issues. Just about 75% of all travelers will revisit a location they have already been to. Also, understand that 75% of all travelers will plan one or more weekend getaways in the winter.

The future of the hotel industry will depend on many of the ways technology has changed with how people interact with companies. Normally hotel locations are judged by price and location. But now, customers will look at consumer reviews, photos, friends’ recommendations, flexible cancellation policy, and the ability to book online.

People will also use technological devices to book hotels, which may be in the future of the hotel industry as well. 53% of all people will use their mobile devices to find travel information which includes their smartphones and possibly even a tablet. Travelers will go through 17 different research sessions before they finally book a hotel. Also

In Conclusion

There is no question that the future of the hotel industry lies within technology. Not only are people already using many forms of technology to book hotels, flights, and the rest of their trip needs, but they are even beginning to use it to interact with the company on another level. They can now leave reviews online or can post on forums or blogs to discuss their interactions. These internet pieces will stick to the hotel and that it is why it is important to realize that there is going to be a lot of technology in the future of the hotel industry.

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