Over 30% Of Burglars Will Enter A Home Because Of This Simple Mistake Keeping Yourself Safe

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You lock your door every time you go out, whether it’s to run errands or just walk the dog. You double-check your windows every time you go to bed to make sure the pane is in place. You change your passwords every few months to give hackers a hard time breaking in. When all of this isn’t enough it can feel like a personal failure…a sign you just didn’t prepare hard enough. Home security systems are designed to be your fallback when all else fails, giving you the resources necessary to either prevent a burglary from becoming worse or catching the culprit in the process.

If you want to ensure 2018 is a year of new opportunities and not a new year of regret, you’ll want to learn about what home security systems can offer you.

Not all break-ins can be prevented. This is the most important element to cover on the list, as unrealistic expectations can just pave the way for more disappointment. It’s thought as many as two and a half million home intrusions occur every year in the United States, contributing to a steady rate of property damage, property loss and even injury. Back in 2013 it was estimated the amount of losses from all property crime totaled $16 billion. With figures like these it can seem nearly impossible to keep yourself from becoming another example.

The least you can do is try. Home security has only gotten better over the years, working simultaneously to either thwart attempts in the making or catch offenders in the act so it won’t happen again. There are over 18 million home security systems installed throughout the country, with this number expected to rise even higher as more homeowners take charge of their safety. Surveillance systems can be installed at key points around the house or all over, depending on the desire of the homeowner, and should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure they don’t fail when you need them most.

Preventative measures are just as powerful as reactive actions. Homes without security systems in place are up to 300% more likely to be broken into, meaning the simple act of installing video surveillance systems can do most of the work to keep you from becoming another victim of a break-in. A study was conducted analyzing the habits of routine burglars, with nine out of 10 admitting they actively avoid homes with alarm systems. They also mentioned that, should they break into a house and later find a camera, they would immediately stop what they were doing and leave.

Keep in mind that the classic image of a burglar is also the most inaccurate. Your average burglar doesn’t attack in the dead of night with a ski mask over their head and a knapsack over one shoulder. Nearly 30% of burglars will enter a home through either an unlocked door or window, with the majority of burglaries also taking place in the morning or afternoon. Last, but not least, nearly 60% of burglaries will be done through forced entry. While some breaking in is involved, it’s far from the only factor that contributes to so many American homes being breeding grounds for unwanted guests.

You can even save some money on your way to finding the ideal home security system. Some insurance providers offer incentive to homeowners for taking the initiative, providing discounts as high as 20% when a home security system is installed throughout the home. Double-check with your homeowner’s insurance to make sure you can reap the benefits on top of the additional security and peace-of-mind. Over 12 million home automation systems were installed throughout 2016 and the next few years are only going to get more strict from here.

Add another safety measure to your routine. Look into home security to pad out your efforts.

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