How are solar panels made?

Have you ever wondered how solar panels are made? The process has been shifting and changing to bring prices down substantially over the years. The price of solar panels have been falling nearly 100 times since 1977, and solar panels this day and age are around half as cheap since 2008. Solar panels need to be made using special adhesive dispensing systems to protect the electronic pieces and components inside. So how are they made and what makes the process so special?

Solar panels are created by layering wafers of silicon together by using adhesive dispensing systems that encase the silicon together and collect all the energy and output it. There are three different cell structures used to create solar panels. There are single cell (monocrystalline), polycrystalline or amorphous forms, which all require some form of adhesive dispensing systems to put them together. There are small electrical components within the sheets of silicon that must be properly protected to ensure the panels work properly. These solar panels are thin and light weight and made in a variety of different sizes for whatever job your doing. Installation is quick and easy and can help save you thousands of dollars on your electrical bill.

Solar panels can be used to power farms, schools, factories, and homes around the world and cost significantly less than hydro electricity. Solar panels are comparable to wind power but cost much less to build and install and can be used in places that are not surrounded by wind. Solar panels can have power banks installed to hold onto extra power for when the sun disappears and you still need electricity. Becoming completely off the grid is an option now and there are a number of ways to begin the process. Solar panels require all types of technology and machinery from epoxy dispenser systems, gear metering systems, and silicone dispensing systems.

There are advances being made in solar panel technology everyday to try and make them less expensive and more productive. Scientists world wide are trying to ensure there is renewable energy for everyone on the planet so that we don’t use all of our resources. Fossil fuels, water, and other non renewable resources are slowly declining and we need to try and reduce out carbon footprints and ensure we take precautions in these delicate situations.

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