Updating the Documentation Systems in Your Office Can Increase Efficiency

The meeting went as well as it could have gone. As you have been working with the new clients to see if your scanning microfilm services might be advantageous to them, the questions also focus on the amount of time that the process will take, and, of course, the cost of these transfers. The clients realize that it is important to move away from the paper work that has long been a part of their office work. The process of these document conversion services, however, is both time consuming to negotiate and can often seem overwhelming at first. The client knows that this is a step that they need to make, but they are trying to work the process into the yearly budget plans.

Is Your Company in the Process of Scanning Microfilm and Digitizing Paper Documents?

From scanning microfilm to digitizing other kinds of records, there are many companies that are working to update the processes that are used in offices across the country. Converting documents can be a time consuming project, and these services are not free, but most efficiency managers agree that there are several advantages to making sure that companies move away from paper documents. With easy and quicker access to digital documents, companies can safe time that in the past would have been used for the physical retrieval of previous paper documentation. In addition to the convenience and efficiency, digital scanning services eliminate the physical presence of files of papers that are stored on site. Taking up room and serving as a possible fire hazard, paper documentation is a downfall in many places.

Even in a time when there are many digital documentation services available, it may be surprising to realize that there are as many as 4 trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, this number is growing at a rate of 22% per year. The problem with these papers, of course, is the time that it can take to retrieve a single document. On average, it takes five minutes to walk to the filing cabinet, find a document, do what is needed with it, and then return it. Moving toward a digital format can speed up this retrieval process, but the process of transferring these older paper documents is a process that can initially seem overwhelming. Whether it is the process to convert microfiche to a more easily accessed digital format or it is the physical scanning of paper documents, there are a number of professional services that are available.

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