7 Tips to Help You Get the Right Heat Press

If your business uses heat press machines you know there are multiple heat transfer technology options to pick from. Finding the right heat press machine can make a big difference for your business. Maybe you work mostly with hats so you really only need a cap heat press machine. Maybe you take your equipment on the road and need something that you can take with you. Here are some tips to help you get the equipment you really need.

  1. Look at the size you need. This is not just a case of “go big or go home.” If your deal with a lot of oversized t-shirts, jerseys that need names and numbers, or mousepads, the larger the heat press machine, the better. If you have a stationery business, it is better to look at larger heat transfer presses. If you are going to hit the road with your machine, you probably need to get one that is smaller and easier to travel with.
  2. Look at the shape. There are basically two options that work the best when it comes to cap heat press machines and those for t-shirts. There are swing away and clamshell heat press machines. The swing version has a bottom that is fixed and the top moves to both the right and the left of the work area. The clamshell model also has a fixed bottom and the top opens up like a flip phone. This decision is most often determined by the amount of space that is available. A clamshell heat press machine takes about half the space of a swing model. While a clamshell press is less expensive, the swing away model has more versatility in what it can do.
  3. Look at the different brands. There are a lot of areas where the brand name is not crucial to the success of a machine or the products made with it. When you are talking about heat press machines or cap heat presses, this is not the case. If you want to have success with the machine you use, you are in a better position if you go with a major name brand. Some of the top brands are Stahls, Power Pro, Geo-Knight, and Hix. Any of the name brands should last for at least a few years.
  4. Look at the place where you buy your heat press. While every business owner and manager is always on the lookout for a great deal, sometimes, spending more actually costs less. Going with a reputable vendor for your cap heat press or general heat press machine can make a big difference in the long run. Before you buy from anyone, you should ask about package deals and warranty options. There are also websites and club memberships that can get you discounts on your equipment. Also, check to see what kind of maintenance options you can get for your heat press machine.
  5. Look at the voltage. You need to know what the electrical needs of your cap heat press or general heat press are. Some need 110 volts but others need 220 volts. You need to know what kind of outlet it needs to run correctly.
  6. Look at the different types of heat press accessories. You have options when it comes to what machines you buy and what accessories you can get to go along with it. Look at:
    • Timers: You can get digital, ones that open the machine, and different kinds of sounds.
    • Temperature gauges: They come in digital and analog versions.
    • Pressure adjustments: Look at digital and make sure it is even.
  7. Look into the costs for shipping. No matter what model you get, what version, or what brand you select, you know it is going to weigh a lot. This means that the shipping costs need to be factored in. Spending more on a machine from a company that offers free shipping is a better deal than a lower price tag without free shipping.

Getting the right t-shirt or cap heat press machine can make a big difference in the success or failure of your business. It is possible to get the right heat press machine is possible if you take the time and do your homework before you buy.

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