Six Benefits Of Buying Rugged Technology

Today’s technological advances are all about pushing the envelope and allowing everyday people to do things that were previously thought to not be possible.

One of the pieces of technology that is all about pushing limits is rugged technology, which was created to mitigate the cost of failure as it relates to technology. It’s built to a certain standard and is meant to last a specific about of time, rather than being made to first a certain price range.

Benefits of equipment like a semi-rugged notebook computer include:

  • Long lasting: As previously mentioned, a piece of equipment like a semi-rugged notebook computer is designed to last anywhere from 4-6 years. Compare that to an average 2-3 lifespan for a normal piece of equipment. Regardless of what application you’re using it for, rugged technology is built to last. Think about how often you have to replace your phone or replace a tablet or broken part on a regular laptop.
  • Less chance of failure: Another benefit of something like a semi-rugged notebook computer is that it’s designed to hold up under the harshest of conditions and harshest of environments. Studies have shown that rugged technology has a 2% chance of failure, compared to 92% failure rate for regular technology. That can be a huge burden for technology-dependent businesses. The loss of just one laptop can cost a company up to $47,000, which includes the laptop, downtime and tech support.
  • Better visibility: If you’re taking a semi-rugged notebook computer into the desert for example, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’ll get glare reduction, sunlight filtration and other benefits from rugged technology. Compare that to regular technology, which can be beset by slow reaction times and might not work as well in some kind of environments (think about trying to look at a cell phone screen in direct sunlight).
  • It’s been tested: If you purchase a semi-rugged notebook computer, a toughbook tablet or a military toughbook, you can buy it knowing it’s been thoroughly tested. Chances are whatever brand of rugged notebook computer you buy has been tested for shock impact, resistance to liquid and to humidity, vibration and being dropped from certain heights. Whatever testing is available, it’s been done and by the time you buy one, you’ll know it’s going to work.
  • Accessories: Another benefit of rugged technology is that there are a variety of accessories available, especially when it comes to mounting a piece of equipment. Being able to easily mount or dock something like a laptop allows a user better options for connectivity options as well as having a reliable power supply.
  • Better communication: Many rugged mobile data terminals or MDTs offer uses access to GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. If someone is out in the woods for example, they can sit in a vehicle and pass signals through their laptops or tablets to communicate with whoever they need to.

Rugged technology has proven very useful in many lines of work including the military, in the automotive industry, in the construction industry and in the pharmaceutical industry just to name a few. When you buy a piece of equipment like a semi-rugged notebook computer, you’ll get something that’s long lasting, will hold up under extreme conditions and will allow you to connect with people even in the most remote of locations.

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