Understanding Server Latency

Whether you know what it is or not, latency is something that affects everyone who uses a computer. Server latency in particular has to do with how long it takes for your computer to talk to the server, for example, if you are gaming or accessing a website. In this video, you will learn all about latency and what affects it.

Video Source

You will understand how ping is relevant to latency and what causes latency to be fast or slow.

The video will demonstrate an example of pinging a server to test latency. It will also explain how latency can be improved and what causes bad latency. As you use your computer from now on, you should have a better understanding of what goes on as you access different servers and how quickly you are able to get the information you need as you access them. Latency often has to do with computer handling time, especially since information travelling between two systems has to travel through multiple machines, such as routers, which slows down the process.


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