How To Align Safety Reverse Sensors

When it comes to your garage doors, some things always tend to go wrong especially when you’ve just had them installed. One of the common issues many people have with their eco-friendly garage door services is that the sensors that enable the door to open automatically come out of sync often. This can lead to the door opening and closing at all hours of the night, or maybe even closing on top of your car.

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These are all things we don’t need, so how do you fix an issue like this. First of all, this type of issue almost always starts at the source, which in this case would be the sensors. If the sensors are at any point misaligned, the door will run into many issues. These are typically installed into the rails of the door using a screw. All you have to do is loosen the screws the are attached to the sensor and line the sensor up with the other sensor on the other end of the rail. It does help to have some sort of level so that it can make lining up the sensors a bit easier, but it isn’t a requirement.

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