An Introduction to Access Control Systems

An access control system is a means to control admittance into and out of an area. The typical lock and key mechanism is an access control system. However, thanks to tech advancements, access control systems have become better and more complicated than lock and key mechanisms.

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The current systems are connected to networks that pass information to and from. How do these newer and better access control systems work?

According to the narrator in the video, newer access control systems feature various devices like an access controller; the machine that decides whether or not to allow people into a restricted area, a keypad; a device where users can enter their password to gain access, door contact; helps the controller know whether or not the door is locked, magnetic lock; the actual lock that releases the door when access is granted and REX (request to exit) device; allows users to exit the restricted area without entering any credentials.

When deploying access control systems, businesses must decide the mode of entry; it could be a card reader, keypad, fingerprint reader, or optical scanner. Businesses must also choose whether or not to integrate their access control system with other security features like alarms, security cameras, and motion detection systems.

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