What Are Micropak Enclosures?

We are thrilled to teach you about Micropak enclosures and the new code 3 Micropak series Hide-a-blast. These Micropak enclosures are the perfect companion for those who want to upgrade their car or electrical systems.

Let’s review why Micropak enclosures are what is their function and a perfect choice for illumination.

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Multi-colored lights.

A great addition to the Micropak series Hide-a-blast is how easy it is to change their color. Some sets come in red and blue, and others with blue and amber, but there are multiple combinations to try.

Small in size, but with a lot of power.

Micropak enclosures are compact and can fit in the palm of your hand. Although Micropak is small, they have a lot of power, which makes them great for your car as a bumper illumination or any other electrical system.

Easy to install and use.

Most Micropak sets are easy to use, as you won’t need any professional to install them in your electrical system. It’s easy to install and includes handy instructions on how to use it.

For more information about Micropak enclosures and a quick demonstration, we invite you to watch out our video.

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